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First Aid kits
Service is our watch word.
Paper Products, First Aid Kits, Brushes, Mops and many other products. 

 We carry a very large selection of many products, all for quick delivery at a competative price. See the more extensive list below, or use the details on the contact page to let us know you requiremants.
Paper Products :- Toilet rolls, jumbo rolls, paper hand towels, mini jumbo rolls, centrefeed rolls,  hygenie rolls, facial tissues
Brushes:- Brooms, brushes for scrubbing, nail, tube, bottle, paint, deck and toilet
Clothes and Dusters:- Mops,12 oz, 14oz and 16oz, yellow dusters, floorclothes, syockinette, chamois leather, J cloths, Tea cloths, hand and bath towels, feather dusters, Viledda cloths
Gloves :- Marigold, Red PVC, Black Rubber, Black Runner Gauntlets, chrome leather, Canadian rigger, shot blaster, criss cross, welding,heat reistant, white cotton, oven, disposable.
Aprons:-  Disposable, PVC, butchers, rubber, dust maks
First Aid, all types of "standard" Kits, relacemant parts, bespoke kits